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Sunrise Senior Living


Pleasanton, California



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Sunrise of Pleasanton

The artwork for Sunrise of Pleasanton is an eclectic blend that reflects the small-town charm of the surrounding community. A variety of substrates, styles, frames and finishing techniques were used to create a sense of residential warmth for the community’s residents. These ideas were communicated through numerous collages around the residential space.

The colorful abstract gallery arrangement that adorns the wall of the grand staircase presents a combination of canvas and framed prints. The display adds depth and provides a beautiful focal point in the main foyer for the enjoyment of both residents and their visitors.

The dining area features a collage of dimensional art mixed with traditional photography prints featuring local points of interest, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, resulting in the creation of texture and an intriguing display.

The memory care dining area collage consists of woven baskets that add both color and texture to coordinate with other textiles in the space. Additionally, a Napa Valley themed wine collage reflects the close proximity to California’s wine country, inviting residents to feel more in connection with their community at large.

Photos courtesy of: Sunrise Senior Living

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