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Barnes-Jewish Hospital Parkview Tower

Art with a story to tell: The artwork selected for the Parkview Tower project is meant to inspire a journey of healing, evoke positive memories and tap in to a sense of local pride. Each floor of the facility represents a theme, such as

  • Road Trip Out West
  • Great Lakes to Midwest
  • Celebrating Women’s Spirit
  • Family Time

The themed artwork appeals to varied tastes and experiences while maximizing the healing and stress relieving qualities of nature-based artwork. The ARCH team suggested a travel theme for the corridor art to provide patients, their families and caregivers with conversation pieces as they walk the halls together.

A series of nature photographs on each patient floor guides viewers on an imaginary road trip through different regions of the United States. It is no accident that the composition of the landscape artwork prompts viewers to imagine themselves in the scene. Such imagery is intended to serve as a positive distraction. One photograph represents a pair of feet propped up on a balcony overlooking a stunning vista. Another shows a hand holding a kite string and the expanse of the sky beyond. Patients and their families have commented that these pieces spark conversations about memories of the past and dreams of the future.

The travel theme is focused on key areas such as information desks for which ARCH recommended original local art that showcases different styles and viewpoints.

The Mother’s Walk, a private corridor for women to walk while they are in labor, features a gallery of works by St. Louis artists that range from soothing to energizing to uplifting. Carol Carter’s watercolor of Tibetan prayer flags against a bright blue sky suggests hope for the future, while St. Louis artist Cbabi Bayoc’s painting of a parent swinging their child around in a park is a delightful, aspirational image.The figures’ linked arms resemble the St. Louis Arch, reinforcing the connection between the art, the hospital and the diverse community it serves.

In addition to reproductions and photographic prints 47 original works of art were included and 9 pieces were commissioned for the project.

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