Styles of Framing

Canvas Gallery Wrap

canvas gallery wrap

The canvas is mounted on a rigid substrate, then stretched around a hidden frame. The artwork continues around the sides of the stretcher frame, producing a clean look when displayed. This design works well in high traffic areas such as hallways and stairwells or in areas where artwork framed with glass would be prohibitive.

Canvas Floated Frame

canvas floated frame

A traditional gallery standard. This option places a canvas gallery wrap inside of a profile frame constructed of wood or metal. A small amount of space is revealed between the frame and artwork. Use this design in areas such as waiting rooms and lobbies.

Textured Oil Treatment

Textured Oil Treatment

A clear acrylic artist medium is hand applied to the surface, producing brush strokes on the print. This technique transforms the print into a textured painting, allowing the piece to be displayed without glass. Also suitable for lobby and waiting room locations.

Single Mat

single mat

A single, contrasting mat in white – or neutral – separates the artwork from the frame. Single mats should be large enough to make both artwork and frame distinct. This solution increases the final size of the framed piece.

Double Mat

double mat

A double mat can be used to highlight colors from the artwork, frame, and surrounding environment. This display is most effective when there are multiple pieces of diverse artwork being installed throughout single area.



A fillet is an accent, usually of wood, that lines the innermost opening of the mat. The effect is more striking than a double mat and can be used to bring cohesiveness between art, frame and environment. This element can be used to compliment furnishings.

Raised Top Mat

raised top mat

The raised top mat produces unique depth to a framed piece at minimal cost. A double mat is separated by a substrate of up to one-fourth inches in depth. The effect emphasizes light and shadow, working well for black and white photography displayed in contemporary interiors.

Raised Float Mount

raised float mount

The artwork rests upon a solid mat board offset by a substrate underneath – it appears to “float” within the frame. The glass is raised to prevent touching the artwork using a hidden spacer, creating the effect of a shadow box. Another great option for contemporary interiors and photography.

Weighted Mat

weighted mat

Weighted mat designs produce an easily recognizable effect. The bottom dimension of the mat is increased, allowing for placement of plaques or graphics, if needed. This design is a gallery standard used to increase the visual impact of multiple pieces of framed artwork displayed on the same wall.

Acrylic 2″ clear border with cornered edge, without standoffs

acrylic corner short

A very safe display option – there is no breakable glass. The artwork is mounted behind clear acrylic up to one-quarter inch in thickness. A distinctive new look ideal for areas where picture frames are impractical or lighting conditions are challenging.

Acrylic 2″ clear border, cornered edge, 1/2″ standoffs

acrylic corner short with standoff

Stand-off mounting hardware is designed to hold artwork and other materials at a predetermined distance from the surface upon which they are mounted. The cornered edge is suggested for areas free of traffic, usually above furnishings or reception desks.

Acrylic full bleed, cornered edge, 1/2″ standoffs

acrylic corner long with standoff

The artwork continues to the polished edge of the acrylic. Multiple panels can be arranged together to complete a larger image across the wall space.

Acrylic 2″ clear border, radiused edge, 1/2″ standoffs

acrylic radius short with standoff

The radiused corner is usually used in conjunction with the with stand-off hardware. This option reflects contemporary looks – especially where furnishings are streamlined and wall colors are dramatic.

Acrylic full bleed, radiused edge,
1/2″ standoffs

acrylic radius long with standoff

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Radiused corners combined with full bleed artwork brings an impactful image into smaller spaces. The rounded corner and glassless display make this treatment ideal for medical offices with smaller workspaces.

Sample Acrylic Standoffs
Variety of shapes, colors, and sizes


Stand-off hardware of different specifications can be used for  any type of flat graphical display – art prints, photographs, posters, maps, awards, renderings, certificates, and documents. Most products are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum or #316 stainless steel and can be colored to any degree of emphasis that is needed.