Packaging & Shipping

ARCH Packages & Ships your installation-ready artwork to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We package your artwork to maximize the probability that every piece is delivered in perfect condition.

  • Our products are individually protected with corrugated corners.
  • We package all shipments to be free of damage or broken glass, while striving to maintain our company’s green standards for using minimal packaging materials. To maintain an environmentally friendly business, we work to balance the line between too much packaging (too much waste) versus too little packaging (resulting in damaged goods).
  • Shipments are packaged 5 – 7 units per box and then palletized at 3 – 5 boxes per pallet. 
  • Every unit receives an individual identification sticker. This sticker can contain information you need for appropriate location installation. Item number and location information are standard elements.

It is very uncommon for our products to be damaged during shipping. Although we cannot control the handling of our product when it’s in the hands of various shipping companies, we work hard to ensure customer satisfaction and expedite replacement of damaged pieces when appropriate. In the unlikely event that an item arrives damaged, we will immediately ship replacement items to you at no charge. We will not ask you to submit for freight claims on any broken or damaged items.

Our goal is to deliver your artwork collection to you as quickly as possible. Please note, though, that we typically require a 3 – 4 week lead time to complete the design plan with your chosen images, accomplish the moulding and framing, and process your order through our factory.

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