Healthcare Projects

Why choose ARCH for your next project:

ARCH Framing & Design has remained at the forefront of Evidence-Based Design (EBD). We support and lead our clients’ artwork selection based on the most current findings from research done in the fields of EBD.

What is Evidence Based Design? EBD Suggest that particular types of artwork have a direct effect on patients and can help create an environment that eases anxiety, decreases stress and, in fact, speeds healing. In healthcare, the patient, families and staff are the intended audience. Studies show a strong preference for nature-based art and that nature artwork can directly impact stress reduction, serve as a positive distraction and produce economic benefits through shorter hospital stays and increases patient and staff satisfaction.

At ARCH Framing & Design, we take Evidence Based Design seriously. After studying EBD and acquiring Evidence Based Design Accreditation and Certifications (EDAC), we are confident that we can find beautiful and meaningful artwork for healthcare facilities. Whether prints or original artwork, well known artist in the healthcare industry or local artists where your project may be, we can work together to create a remarkably beautiful and healing environment that will be relevant and effective for years to come.