Contract Framing | Framing at Wholesale Pricing for Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial, Design Industries

Contract Framing

We provide high quality framing at wholesale prices to customers in the hospitality, healthcare, restaurant and commercial or design industry. Shipping from our centrally located production facility guarantees reasonable shipping costs and on-time delivery to your clients anywhere nationally or internationally.

Conservation Framing

We take all the necessary steps to preserve and protect your valuable artwork, whether museum quality fine art, collectibles, heirlooms or prints, we ensure that our framing safeguards the art while preserving the piece with style for generations to come.

Framing / Moulding Selections

We offer a large selection of moulding to fit any of our customer’s needs, no matter the style, the budget or the size of the project. Our trained and experienced staff believes that a proper selection of framing can accomplish many different effects. Well chosen framing can emphasize the art or the mirror it surround; it can make the art stand out on its own; it can make the artwork into a masterpiece; or the framing can be a key element to the design project itself. The possibilities are endless. Whether framing art, mirrors or televisions, our trained and experienced staff can help our customer choose the perfect way to complete their project. Let our framing experience help make your projects outstanding.

Environmentally Conscious Products

Please ask us about eco-friendly mouldings made from fast-growing and sustainable plantation wood finished with non-toxic water-based pigments.

These molding are manufactured without traditional solvent-based finishing, and instead use a water-based system, significantly reducing VOC emissions. The closed-loop, solids-based UV coating system eliminates waste that would otherwise end up in the air and water.

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