Healthcare Artwork

Evidence Based Design

ARCH Design, Artwork & Framing has provided healthcare artwork and consulting for more than 10,000 projects throughout North America during our 39+ year history. That’s because ARCH recognizes that artwork and framing play a critical role in the design of a healing environment.

When choosing healthcare artwork, the primary goal for the artwork selection is to improve outcomes for the intended audience. That’s why we use Evidence-Based Design research findings to provide you with a healthcare artwork collection that will have a direct effect on patients and can help create an environment that eases anxiety, decreases stress, and even speeds healing. Creating a nurturing, therapeutic, and stress-reducing environment while integrating visually and seamlessly with your facility’s architectural and interior design elements is our number one goal at ARCH.

The Center for Health Design (CHD) recognizes the Evidence Based Design Accreditation & Certification (EDAC) program, and awards certification to those who demonstrate a “thorough understanding of how to apply an evidence-based process to the design and development of healthcare settings.” Our team of EDAC-certified Artwork Consultants are dedicated to providing you with beautiful and meaningful artwork for your healthcare facility – whether your artwork needs are for a medical center, hospital, medical office, rehabilitation center, senior living, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility.

Studies show a strong preference for nature-based art and that nature artwork can directly impact stress reduction, serve as a positive distraction, and produce economic benefits through shorter hospital stays and increased patient and staff satisfaction. All of our recommended healthcare artwork selections are based on the most current research available today.

Whether you want to use prints or original art, well-known artists in the healthcare industry or local artists, our Artwork Consultants will diligently work with you to create a remarkably beautiful and healing environment that will be relevant and effective for the people you serve now and in the coming years.


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