Healthcare Artwork | Experienced Art Consultants, EDAC Certified


ARCH has provided artwork and consulting on over 2,000 healthcare projects nationwide.
For Healthcare and Senior Living projects, our art consultants have experience selecting artwork and framing using Evidence-Based Design to create a healing environment that is nurturing, therapeutic and stress-reducing.
Our art consultants have more than 50 years of combined experience choosing the right art for our client’s projects. We take pride in our abiltity to understand our customers. It is our goal to provide each client with a project outcome that strengthens the client’s brand while working within the project scope and budget.


We are pleased to announce that our Design team holds the Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC).  The Center for Health Design (CHD) recognizes the EDAC program and awards certification to those who demonstrate a “thorough understanding of how to apply an evidence-based process to the design and development of healthcare settings…”
We recognize that artwork and framing play a critical role in the design of a healing environment and we are excited to have a designer on staff who is officially recognized for creating and innovating evidence-based design concepts. Please follow the link to learn more about EDAC and Evidence-Based Design.